About Laura


Laura Jasper is an E-RYT 500 certified instructor whose inspired and eclectic blend of yoga has been forged over many years and appeals to a wide range of students. Studying with world renowned Yoga teachers helped Laura to creatively ground her teaching into a synthesized fusion of yoga, including the heart opening joyful practice of Anusara, the power of Ashtanga, and fluid flowing expression of vinyasa. Laura took her first Yoga teacher training in 1999, two years after  receiving her ACE Personal Training Certificate and BS degree in Exercise Science and Wellness from Arizona State University. Her passion for Yoga extended her knowledge and skills enabling her to tap further into the integrative and therapeutic techniques. Laura is also a certified coach and remains inspired and dedicated to passing on to others the tools for discovering greater health, well being and community. In Arizona, Laura’s experience as a full time Yoga instructor includes over a decade at Chandler Gilbert Community College, teaching students, athletes and seniors. Laura also designed a  Mind-Body-Flexibility and Competency Lab specifically for Exercise Science Majors at Arizona State University. In collaboration with an Internist, she taught Restorative Yoga to pregnant and post-natal women and patients suffering from arthritis and fibromyalgia. Working with Jack Chism PhD, an Exercise Physiologist, she developed and implemented exercise programs for patients with a wide variety of medical conditions, including brain injuries, athletic injuries, respiratory dysfunction and those undergoing cardiovascular rehabilitation. 

Laura’s lighthearted inclusive teaching draws from an interesting combination of East/West fusion. Your practice will be integrated through biomechanically safe poses, a positive philosophy, and creative exploration of movement. Attention is threaded through your breath. You will be encouraged to modify or expand into poses for an exploration that assists and challenges both new and seasoned yogis. 

Each session offers you the opportunity to intimately re-connect and nourish your mind, body, and spirit by melting away patterns of stress and tension. Laura’s practice will naturally bring you to live your life with greater presence and openness. You will transform gracefully as you learn appropriately for your skill level, moving deeply, intelligently, and sensually without force. Together, all these components will meld a focused intention that you can take with you off the mat and passionately into your life. Be inspired through Laura’s encouragement to move according to your individual body and needs, to persevere with enthusiasm and curiosity, and to joyfully discover what mysteries and gifts your practice holds  for you.