Private Lessons

Artfully combining education, experience and creativity to develop customized sessions just for you.

Your sessions will take into account your personal concerns and interests, the ebbs and flows of your life, lifestyle, level of experience and ability, any injuries or illness, and of course, your intentions. 

Each session draws from and  builds on a holistic mind-body approach, at a pace that moves somewhat  slower than a typical vinyasa class. Here you will learn much more than in a group class, as I artfully work with you to learn and develop a deeper understanding of how integrating movement, posture, attitude, breath, even meditation together can heal and strengthen you. This will expand your awareness for moving gracefully in your life not only in Yoga but in your everyday activities. 

Session are focused and exploratory so you will be encouraged to be actively involved in the learning process in a light-hearted, open, interactive way.

Who should take private lessons?

  • Anyone searching for safe, in depth, informed, hands on, collaborative, alignment based instruction that will promote strength, flexibility, balance and healing.
  • Individuals dealing with repetitive strain and structural limits wishing to move with more freedom and less pain.
  • Anyone needing to get moving safely after a period of inactivity,  pregnancy, or illness (upon your physician’s approval to exercise).
  • Cross-train and ramp up your fitness and increase your skill while simultaneously decreasing risk of injury.
  • Busy people interested in learning to manage and reduce stress and tension.
  • An optimal way to carve out time to center, relax, renew, do something good for you.
  • At Request; a 10-30 minute home practice review for you so you can  continue to integrate and optimize your progress and maintain what you learned (please request at each session).
  • Enjoy partnering up with someone and share the workouts and cut the cost. There are so many reasons you will be happy you took this first step-on this great journey.

What to expect

Uniquely guided yoga practice with individualized attention, education, and knowledge that will effectively improve your physical health and well-being. You will develop greater mobility, posture, and grace through specialized  step-by-step instruction with the most effective pace, sequences, and  stretches made specifically for you. Learn to alleviate and eliminate pain and muscle soreness, improve your strength, balance, flexibility, and prevent common injuries without added strain – safely and naturally. Yoga sessions not only target the physical body but also build on one’s well-being. Breathing techniques, meditation, mantra, and mudras are also an integral part of yoga practice and offer a valuable tool in dealing with stress, anxiety, and depression. Every aspect you learn in a private session will have a much broader application that can easily be incorporated into your daily  routines. Best of all, with practice you will quickly learn to find and assess the source of chronic pain and tension and identify specific yoga techniques to reduce discomfort and reduce stress. 

Why choose to work with Laura?

You will benefit in participating with the guidance of a teacher who draws from deep and varied experience, education, training, and creativity to develop  uniquely designed programs that are specific, custom, and optimal just for you. Uniquely qualified to vary and change your program as you learn and grow to keep you safe, motivated and moving toward your own mastery. She is patient and approachable and dedicated to helping people come into balance mind, body and spirit through the practice of yoga. Laura is dedicated to the education, safety and support of  clients like you, so you can continue and sustain your growth beyond  the studio time. If you are ready to experience the powerful healing and  benefits of yoga- search no more, you will find it here. Laura has experience of over 18 years of teaching wellness and fitness through Yoga, Coaching and Personal Training as a full time profession. Your sessions will vary from Laura’s advanced training in Yoga Alignment Prescription, Exercise Science, Assisted Stretching, Thai Yoga Massage and Intrinsic Life Coaching.